Happit is the easiest and most intuitive employee training method.

Happit is a easy employee training solution, that makes learning simpler by teaching employees how to use any new software in easy click-by-click tutorials.

The easiest way to train employees, anywhere.

Happit digital training -onboarding

Happit easy employee training is the 2019 ECSP award winning solution,

& 2019 Microsoft Finland partner of the year.  

Happit´s continuous user adoption service model makes it easy for anyone to use any software, website, or app. Combined with proactive, step-by-step guidance, Happit is a personal training assistant for each user. Happit analyzes and automates processes so everyone in the company can complete tasks easily in the moment of need.

Our customers say:

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Happit Employee Training Testimonial 2

How does it work? The A, B, C of Happit easy employee training.

Happit employee training and onboarding code-4

A. Add a one line of code to the work application.

Happit employee training content generation

B. Administrators can easily create & distribute content to anyone in the organization in seconds.

Happit employee training on-off

C. Deploy Happit and let the technology teach your team when they need it.

Happit employee training in own user interphase

D. Happit works as a layer on top of the application that lets employees learn in their own context.

Why should you consider Happit easy employee training to continuously develop and improve the competences of your employees?

1. Happit is a user-friendly, on-the-job learning tool to support all employees in their digital adoption journey.

2. Content managers and development teams can easily share personalized learning content via Happspots.

3. Reduce support costs; with Happit lower frustration and increase employee performance in a single click. Easy employee training solution.

4. Ensure faster and more efficient deployment of new digital processes, and get faster ROI from digital investments.

Learn more in the Happit YouTube channel.

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Happit Corporate:

Happit corporate plan starts at 199€/Month including a 100 licences for your enterprise. The more licences are required the more cost efficient it becomes. For larger or smaller needs please contact our team for a quote and a demo.

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