User adoption is a journey and is never done alone with building beautiful and simple UX of your intranet sites, although it helps tremendously for initial user acceptance. The topic is unfortunately much more complicated than that. User adoption is “the soft stuff made hard” actually.

What do I mean by that. Making your user adoption strategy to work, can be as manifold as we are individual human beings. This is why most of the organizations just simply gave up with dealing with it. But dismissing meaningful guidance for end-users is like letting a “normal” guy from the street driving your Formula One car. Would any sane owner of a car of this magnitude, do that? Probably not! However, training thousands of end-user “to drive” your intranet Formula One car is much more challenging, than cultivating a few individuals over years, to perfectionise driving skills. So how the heck could this be achieved?

With lots of love and effort towards your end-users. It starts with meaningful, digestible learning content and it continues with truly caring for your end-users and designing applications and processes FOR the end user and not around them. We are still stuck in function-focused design when it comes to application development. But we are not machines, we are human beings driven mostly by our moods and emotions also (and especially) during our daily work life.

Seb and I addressed exactly those questions in our webinar, where you can find the recording here:

The conclusion out of the webinar is to summarize as this:

When it comes to user adoption, content is king, but context is queen. You need to find ways to deliver end-users the learning content they need at the time and location (context) they are working. Do not disrupt the work-flow of the end-user as much as possible. Enable environments where learning by doing is empowered and failure is accepted. Kids learn through constantly failing forward, free exploration, trial and error. Only our common working culture introduced the in my opinion insane idea that failing is not allowed. Failing is a part of human nature. Let’s embrace it, appreciate “the trying” and the willingness of never giving up. We Finns call this attitude “Sisu”. It’s woven within our culture and Sisu is also driving me forward, to finally find a solution to erase end-user frustration once and for all from our daily work-life.

Happy working days!

Sincerely, Jussi 


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