Want to get started with Modern SharePoint and make sure you succeed with #ModernExperience?

Join our webinar:

WED 20.6.2018 at 15 CET


Modern SharePoint is, above all, a whole new user experience. In our webinar MVP Jussi Mori and the leading SharePoint consultant Marcel Haas will share the latest insights about what does Modern SharePoint mean, why would you use the modern sites and provide concrete tips and tricks on how you can easily increase the user adoption of your modern experience.

In this 45 minute webinar we will share with you:

  1. What is Modern SharePoint and why to use it?
  2. Tips and tricks to enhance user adoption
  3. Demo of how to get started with #ModernExperience





Jussi Mori

is is passionate about making User Adoption better in the age of digitalisation. He’s Product Evangelist and Managing Partner at Cloudriven GmbH, always trying to look beyond the borders of the box and try to find solutions for problems happening in the business world on a daily base. Jussi is the main organizer of SharePoint Saturdays Helsinki and Zurich and also the main lead of the Microsoft 365 User Group in Zurich Switzerland.

Marcel Haas

Marcel Haas is a leading SharePoint consultant, helping customers to make their business more efficient by taking the best technology decisions. As a COO of CNEXT he is responsible of keeping the delivery up and running. His goal is to make his customers happy by creating and using Microsoft technology based solutions.

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