According to Simon Sinek’s famous claim ‘People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’. Have you ever considered how your customers felt after new system implementation? What was their first reaction, were they stressed or relaxed? How much time did they spend to find themselves in a new reality? How many questions were asked during the first day or many days after, and finally … why should they choose your services once again in the future?

Regardless of your business model (vendor, consulting, integrator etc.) everything what you do, you do for people. Even the best solution or service in the world will not succeed if the end-users do not like it and do not want to use it. Current market is saturated by different systems, let’s say CRMs, for instance, in 2018 there are over than 100 systems ready to purchase. Of course, some of them are dedicated for C-level customers the others for smaller players, but still the competition is huge. Each software segment has at least 10 big players. The question is: how to compete?

User adoption your key to success

For end-user it is crucial to feel comfortable and confident at work where he spends at least 40 hours per week. He has enough stress, worries, pressures related to his daily duties, to frustrate himself with an internal system that is difficult to consume and hinders his work. He wants to know how to use the system in moment when knowledge is needed. If he does not know how solution works or finding answer takes too much time, then frustration appears. Remember: frustration kills motivation!

No motivation, slower adoption. Slower adoption, no new business needs. No new business needs, no new orders. No new orders, no profits go to your pocket.

In our Happit Family we know that the biggest problem of present software implementations is about user adoption. In most cases users are disconnected from the place where they are training, and they are working. Moreover, they know that their internal system gives many opportunities, has tones of fancy features, but still finding something quickly it is nearly impossible. Happit Single Click Learning Platform delivers right help in right moment.

Why should I start thinking about Happit partnership?

It is easy to explain. Regardless of your profile, Happit will bring additional value to your current business. Remember we do not compete with you. Our mission is to bring employee training and support one click away, so employees can be productive and happy. Then you as a partner can have more profits from your business and new implementations ahead. You gain new product in your portfolio distinguishing from the competition. Moreover, you can increase your up-selling opportunities with very small effort. Better user adoption equals less support tickets. As a result, more time to deliver new services. Besides, greater ratio of your customer satisfaction drives more positive recommendations.

Sure, you can say: we have awesome well-known software, we deliver the best tailor-made solutions, our customers are faithful. Yes! But, have you ever measured your customer’s satisfaction? How much time did they spend to adopt in new reality? From end-user perspective which parts of your software or services should be improved? Maybe some parts of your system can be done better? It would be great to know all the answers to the questions above.

Thanks to Happit Single Click Learning Platform it is possible. Firstly, you speed up user adoption, increase customer satisfaction. Secondly, you collect data about most often used hub spots (place where you put the content) and you win a clear message and the best priceless feedback how to improve your professional services to be even more competitive in the future. #HappitWinners!

Would you like to know more about Happit  partnership conditions?

Feel free to ask! Always happit to help, Edyta Gorzon #HappitFamily Success Manager,

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