Annual report 2018 – Happi(es)t moments of user adoption

Q4 Reward winning user adoption tool Happit

The release of Justhappit brings cool Happit features to all teams training Sharepoint users via browser extension for free. This gives anyone in the ecosystem superpowers in distributing quality training content to all users for free. For our partners, this means a possibility to concentrate on selling continuous quality training management, planning, and content creation to boost end-user adoption among enterprises. The tool is free to use and end-user feedback says that 98 % of end users prefer Happit as a training media instead of classroom or Skype. 

The most recent Happit updates include also the great success at the European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Community Awards

ESPC is the leading SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Event in Europe and the ESPC Community Awards are some of the most prestigious awards voted by the panel of SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure independent judges. Thus we are very pleased to see that the community and our dear Happit Fellows welcome our solution to solve one of the biggest pains of any enterprise software provider.


Q3 Happit Family moments

Happit became real innovation when people in various organizations started to hear about it and decided to jump onboard. The brand was published during Q2 and after an intensive summer, we’ve reached the state where Happit family is growing constantly. Now we have more than 30 Happit family members aka signed partners in 13 countries. 

The partners include cool organizations who really care how the software they train, deliver or develop will be used. To mention a few examples of different types of partners we recommend you to check at least these:


Q2 Launch of the most humane brand of the IT business

The legendary Happit barbeque parties and salsa sessions brought Happit’s story to everybody’s attention in Microsoft community in Europe. Disturbing message combined with positive energy and true devotion of our team started to work little by little. By the end of the first day at the first conference, it was obvious that we would run out of the t-shirts. In the end, our #HappiTimes twitter campaign gained more than 220 000 impressions over the period of one week. And #HappitFamilyBbq became an instant success with some of the bigger names of the community joining it.

The human-centric approach started to affect our brand as well. Our partner network got a name #HappitFamily, community of specially honored individuals, who help our team along the way, were named #HappitFellows, our in-house brewed beer was re-named to Hoppit (well beer is not exactly human-centric thing but the brewing master behind it is by any standard very much human even though he has extraordinary capabilities both on brewing and IT fields).

The attention grew that big that Microsoft Finland awarded the solution as the Microsoft ISV Country partner of the year. We are sure that also the bold stand for user adoption Microsoft took this fiscal, did good to our initiative. Now teams of customer success managers are hired across the globe to ensure that cloud service customers get return for their investments. Microsoft partners are encouraged to take part in this movement and various training are offered to build the ability. If it will be anything like previous Microsoft programs, we will see growing action by the partners. New ways of working and user training will hopefully take over the center stage of discussions. And all will boil down to understanding how to do user adoption in scale. Something that has been the goal of Happit since day one.


Q1 From tested idea to international action

The year started after initial customer testing period with the funding decision from Business Finland. It really put the wheels rolling and already in 1,5 months after the decision we started our journey in Microsoft community in Europe. The key enabler for this, was like in any great service, the really simple idea. 

Why new software makes almost all employees frustrated? We believe that enterprise software would generate a bigger impact on the business of large enterprises if people would love the software they use. So we started to look at what is the problem that causes frustration and found first that people get disconnected from their work when they need to go to software training where someone “vomits” 100+ slides of software features for them when they just wanted to upload a document. The simple idea was to shorten the training and bring them to the context. That’s why we decided to build Helping app Happit that helps people to Happit skills they need to use software smoothly to do what they really are paid for.

Jukka Koskenkanto 20.12.2018

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