What do you actually do at Happit? – Niklas Engblom, Lead Happit Developer

This is a question I get quite often and there’s a somewhat lengthy answer for it. I’ve always tried to answer these inquiries as accurately as I can, but there’s a high chance to forget some things. Frankly, I had to really stop to think about all the things I’m doing. Then I thought, well, if there are so many things, why wouldn’t I try to write them down to answer the question for everyone. And while I’m at it, why not just publish it in our blog for everyone to read.
So basically, that is what this post is about – what I’ve been doing recently. To find out more about what kind of techie stuff we are doing at Happit, continue reading.


As the lead developer, I’m personally doing infrastructure and software level design and implementation, thus I’d say I’m a coding architect. But to unwrap the bigger picture at Happit, here’s a simple list of what techs I’ve been working with during previous year and which are playing notable parts in our stack. By the way, they’re not in any particular order.



That’s pretty much it. To take it to a little bit higher level, I could say we are doing scalable and flexible microservices based architecture.

What are the biggest  Happit Development challenges?

Popular follow-up question after my answer to the first question is: “there must be quite a few challenges in what you are doing?”. And my answer:” yes, there certainly are”. Especially on the client-side stuff. Some of you may know that widely supported web-based applications are not always straightforward. There is all the cross-browser stuff and whatnot. Then, think about embedding a web-based application into another web-based application without having any kind of control of the underlying application and its quirks. Meanwhile we are preventing our application from causing any problems or interfering in anyway. But, that’s entirely another story for another blog. We will write more about that later, because it has been rather interesting to see what kind of peculiar situations, we have ended up with by doing this.

It’s obvious with that kind of tech stack that we are not only building this for what we currently have, but also to prepare the architecture for all the things our roadmap and future brings you

In the meanwhile go and check out the freemium version of Happit


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