The benefits of personal training in training of software


In the fitness world personal trainers have become a striving business within the past ten years. A personal trainer is someone who whips you into shape with one-on-one coaching. He or she might stay by your side while you use machines at the gym or visit you in your home to work on a customized workout routine. And now more and more personal trainers offer the service online.


If people are looking for more convenient ways to train in their private lives, why do we expect them to enjoy class-room lectures and software manuals in the workplace.  We could easily offer employees the same benefits of a personal trainer for software training as well:


What makes personal training to successful business?


There is a reason why financially the most successful personal trainers are the best-known ones by large audiences: their use of channels to distribute their trainings. This affects their business in several different ways:

  1. Publicity gives more pricing power for F2F trainings – especially when training something new
  2. Training content starts to generate passive income even when the trainer gets her good night sleep
  3. The time used for content production becomes investment instead of a cost – the quality of the content improves


Why wouldn’t software trainer do the same? The benefits are clear:

  1. More pricing power for F2F trainings because of the new innovative solutions that help to train masses around the globe
  2. Training content starts to generate passive income – create basic trainings for widely used platforms or SaaS / other ISV products and distribute through your channels
  3. Get more time for investigating opportunities of new software and time for creating quality content
  4. Use time for travelling only when it is valuable for you. Distribute routine trainings through a channel
  5. Offer better value for your trainees




When digitalizing personal software training the key is to find a training distribution channel that would be available in software’s UI. That is because in any successful training, the people who are trying to learn, nee to use the same software. The training cannot then be in any other UI that would require user to shift the focus between two different media.


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