Happit joined forces with its partners I4-YOU and Valo, to take part at Congress Intranet in Holland. The intranet seminar is one of the largest in Europe; it gathers up to 500 attendees who are interested in developing company communication; as well as promoting the collaboration culture towards a more modern direction.


Shared gain, from great team work

The idea for shared booth in the event came from earlier success this year. The triplet was involved in creating and launching a new intranet for Royal BAM group. Ready-made solutions and working models made it possible for an agile company like I4-YOU to support a more traditional industry giant BAM.


“Ready-made packed intranet and scaling training model of Happit made it possible for us to scale our service for the customer. Both of the technology vendors supported the process all the way”, explains Huibert de Hek, Project Manager I4-YOU. “Love and Happitness from Finland”, he laughs referring to the brand messages of the two technology companies based in Finland.


“We see Holland as a leading country of user adoption and change management services in Office 365 and intranets. Therefore, it is logical to put our efforts to this region and support our partners to succeed”, explains JP Wirta, #HappitFamily Officer Happit’s strong focus to Dutch market.


In addition to presenting the case of BAM and implementing an intranet for 20 000 employees, Happit with its partners took part in a round table about user adoption as well as is hosted a booth for live demos and discussions around the topic.

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