How are new technologies, Change Management and User Adoption related?

Companies want to deliver their services better and faster while keeping the highest standards of management. To achieve their desired results, companies change internal policies, portfolio, business strategies and invest in new IT systems and solutions like Office 365, Teams and SharePoint for example. All these decisions will lead to organizational change; which in turn is treated as a promise of success.

Unfortunately, even the most ambitious plans do not mean anything unless they are effectively implemented. Change directly affects the human aspect. Therefore, reorganizing a company is not just a business challenge; but a human challenge as well. Each employee has its own experience and goes through its personal process of overcoming their resistance to new situations; and in this process; how we go about User Adoption will be the key for success or failure in implementation and organizational change.

Wrike’s survey; includes the viewpoints of over 1,400 office workers. The survey includes people from a variety of different jobs such as marketing, IT, accounting, HR, sales, and manufacturing. In its results; Wrike´s survey shows that the main factor responsible for unhappiness and stress at work is a missing information problem.

52% of people declare that this problem is the most common and stressful aspect in their everyday work. If so; can you imagine how much this indicator increases when top management decides to go with the market flow and engages in change management processes.


So, how to deal with Change Management?

I believe the recipe for happiness and successful change starts with the Microsoft Service User Adoption Specialist. This is a new role in your organization; this is a full time role in which a person will focus on User Adoption. Its main goal is to drive the adoption of Microsoft services, and understands how User Adoption Platforms like Happit help to facilitate this process. Moreover he/she is a person able to link both technology and people.


How it works?

Driving User Adoption, represents a change in behaviour. A Microsoft Service User Adoption Specialist is the person doing more than just delivering technology to employees. The goal for a person in this role is to create fundamentally different working habits. He/she will be a key factor in driving human and technical changes that will deliver positive business outcomes in the near feature.

The role of a Microsoft Service User Adoption Specialist is very complex, it requires both psychological and strategic knowledge; as well as logic and substantial know how on the process of making organizational change. At the same time, the Microsoft Service User Adoption Specialist needs to deliver tangible changes and benefits, which are backed by data and analysis. User Adoption and knowledge transferal is an appropriate way to open the door to positive development in a company and to increase business plus profits.


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