Office 365 ready-made content packs by Wistec on Happit. We are happy to announce to all #HappitFamily members, customers, and partners, that now they can take advantage of Wistec’s high-quality Office365 training practicesWistec is a company, with long track record of providing high-quality training in person; as well as in digital format. Now, Wistec Online content is integrated into Happit experience as Content Pack and it is available for everyone in the #HappitFamily Partner Network 


Combining personal training and scaling digital channels


Technology training is in a huge transformation. Employees are asked to adopt new digital tools with an everincreasing pace. This requires real blend of learning experiences that combine personal training moments and scaling digital channels. We find that Happit’s ability to bring digital material into the user context, is the missing part of the puzzle. It adds stickiness to learning new digital skills!”, says CEO of Wistec Juha Huhtanen. 


The partnership between Happit and Wistec is not aiming only for new sales in the channel; but its goal is also to provide additional value for the whole #HappitFamily ecosystem. In practice this means; sharing ready-made Office365 training content packs with all Happit partners to support their own implementation projects. The ready-made Office365 content packs come in the 10 major European languages. Content packs are licensed separately and activated by a customer request to Happit. 


The Value of Collaboration


 “We believe that true user adoption is a team effort. We are yet to see a company that could single-handedly provide great quality services in all areas involved. These types of partnerships ensure that everyone in #HappitFamily can concentrate on their strengths and use ready-made services when applicable.”, explains JP Wirta #HappitFamily Officer the importance of the partnership.  


 Wistec is a Finnish born company; with expert trainers, that help organizations build their own digital practices and develop their ICT skillsWistec´s main focus is on IT training and consulting; specially on Microsoft and Adobe software.   


Like HappitWistec´s goal is to support employees in their digital adoption & learning process.  We are proud to have them as partners and exited to share with the whole #HappitFamily these new ready-made Office365 content packs. We hope you find them as useful as we do. 


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