Happit at Valo Summit in Amsterdam

Happit at Valo Summit in Amsterdam; what a wonderful summit it was. I was honored to participate at Valo Summit in Amsterdam 3.-4.4.2019. Now, after a couple of busy weeks, I found the time to blog about it. At this point the presentations of the summit are not news anymore. So, I thought that it would be more important, to discuss about the power of the community; and the great work @valointranet has done with it.


To start; it is worth mentioning, that more than 100 community members from various partner organizations and Valo were present at Amsterdam’s Tobacco Theater. Microsoft MVPs, CEOs, senior consultants and the list goes on and on. Some of the very best professionals in the industry. For sure, there was more than enough brainpower in that room to deliver shiny new Valo intranets all over Europe. And with the help of partners like Happit; bring powerful solutions that can enable and help end-users adopt Valo´s intranet tools faster and easier than any other intranet product on the planet.


Lifting the spirit and rewarding the best #ValoPartners


The summits´ program was designed to support networking. The schedule left enough time for informal discussions after each inspiring session; and it was topped with an amazing evening party. At the party, Valo presented their very own Valo Awards; this made the evening party less formal, and I personally loved it.


In any good summit party, the participants are fully focused on networking and discussions about their inspiring ideas. But in this party, the #ValoLove community feeling was boosted even further by sharing some positive and inspiring stories. Thus, the best of the best were rewarded. Xylos got the overall award for Valo Partner of the Year; as well as, the award for Valo Partner of the Year in Europe. Furthermore; in Happit, we were very proud and would like to congratulate our partners I4You and Sininen Meteoriitti, for winning the Valo Award for Customer Success Story of the year with the BAM case.


Carrying the inspiration forward…


During the summit, I had the opportunity to be part of several good and intensive discussions with several community members. Some of these conversations continued the following day; even at the airport as I was getting ready to take my plane back home. Thanks Sati Bains and IX Associates for those inspiring discussions.


One hot topic in all of our conversations, was the matter of “Why”. Why an intranet or any other solution, will be adopted by the users? Some suggested that good features are the receptive. A few mentioned, nice looking layouts. Whereas, others thought that the key is content. And many said that fast delivery might have an affect on adoption. However; most people agreed, that if users find something in the solution that makes their workday much easier; or more productive, then they might fall in love with the solution.


So, How can Happit help?


Through all these conversations; it became clear to me that almost everyone had one common challenge, for which I have a solution. And; I loved having the opportunity to pitch Happit to everyone, and the chance to explain how Happit is a crucial element in solving the problem of making software easy to use and valuable for its users.


The answer to our previously mentioned hot topic of “Why” is on “How”. How Happit helps people to really find out how they can be more efficient; and how the new software can make their workday much easier and more productive.


What can Happit do in practice…


For example; a salesperson wants to sell more. He/she feels that by using a CRM tool they can achieve that goal faster, compare to just using their own pen and notebook. The value of the new tool is on how much more productive that salesperson can be; and how fast can he/she achieve his desired goal. However, there is no use for new technology if it’s not used. Once the new CRM tool is purchased, how is the salesperson introduced to this new tool?  Can he/she pick-up the tool on-the-go? If not; the new CRM tool doesn’t feel like a solution that deserves the salesperson’s time. And most likely, other project team members will make their work easier by using other solutions. Ultimately making the digital investment done in the new CRM tool a loss.


For our current and future partners, Happit offers a solution to tackle this type of issues. In practice, this means that Happit offers the opportunity to create valuable, services boosting user adoption practices; in a cost efficient way. Happit is a flexible solution, that can be scale up to fit any need from our partners. Thus, allowing our partners to turn their ideas into valuable offers for their own customers; whose job is not to think of software usage but to sell or deliver value to their own customers.


Happit is a faster, more convenient and measurable way to help people to adopt new software. So, if you want to learn more about the solutions that we talked about during the summit get  our eBook to find out why User Adoption matters, and how to succeed in practice.




Try Happit for free from Microsoft AppSource, using an Office 365 Account.


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