4 Ways M365 Users Can Be Part of Digital Transformation

Today, it has become even more crucial for businesses across industries to ride this unstoppable trend and reap the benefits of digital transformation. One of the ways businesses can get started is by investing in software packages such as the M365 and Happit, which can support and enable them to move towards digital transformation in numerous ways.

Happit Hitchhiker´s Guide for the Best ECS Experience

Make the most of your ECS experience

European Collaboration Summit 2019, the biggest conference in the spring focusing on Microsoft technologies is just behind the corner. We collected few tips to make your ECS experience the best possible. Check it out!

All Hands on Deck, Behind the scenes of Happit development April

Behind the Scene of Happit Development Team

Previously we asked Lead Happit Developer Nicklas Engblom what he does in Happit? Nicklas was able to paint a holistic view of what being a lead developer is all about; but that also made us wander about the specific development tasks. So, what lies behind the Scene of Happit Development Team?   So, What has […]

User Adoption and Change Management – why should you consider having a Service Adoption Specialist?

The role of a Microsoft Service User Adoption Specialist is very complex, it requires both psychological and strategic knowledge; as well as logic and substantial know how on the process of making organizational change. At the same time, the Microsoft Service User Adoption Specialist needs to deliver tangible changes and benefits, which are backed by data and analysis. User Adoption and knowledge transferal is an appropriate way to open the door to positive development in a company and to increase business plus profits. User Adoption Platforms like Happit are key to drive adoption.

#HappitFamily joins forces for Congress Intranet in Holland

Happit joined forces with its partners I4-YOU and Valo, to take part at Congress Intranet in Holland. The intranet seminar is one of the largest in Europe; it gathers up to 500 attendees who are interested in developing company communication; as well as promoting the collaboration culture towards a more modern direction.   Shared gain, […]

Happit user training – why should you care as a trainer or consultant?

caring about user training

A consultant’s path to Happit user training My path to drive user adoption and better understanding of solutions started over 20 years ago as a trainer. I trained various topics including internet programming, use of different applications like SharePoint, Content Management Server, BizTalk Server, etc.  My goal as trainer was and still is to ensure […]

If you build it, they will (most likely not) come

Digitization is the driving force of change Based on Deloitte’s recent Human Capital Trends report, digitization is taking over organisations faster than expected. Over 70% of respondents deem the area important, but less than one third feel ready to address it. The same report in 2016 showed that more than 90% of business decision makers saw […]

2018 recap – Happi(es)t moments of user adoption

Annual report 2018 – Happi(es)t moments of user adoption Q4 Reward winning user adoption tool Happit The release of Justhappit brings cool Happit features to all teams training Sharepoint users via browser extension for free. This gives anyone in the ecosystem superpowers in distributing quality training content to all users for free. For our partners, […]

Happit wins the Best Office 365 Add-In at the #ESPC18


#HappiTness in Copenhagen as #HappiTeam wins the Best Office 365 Add-In at the 2018 European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Community Awards. These awards celebrate excellence, innovation and outstanding contributions. The awards are part of the biggest European event concentrating into Microsoft flagship services SharePoint, Office 365, and Azure – the ESPC – European SharePoint […]

#HappiTips to ensure best #ESPC18 experience

best conference experience Copenhagen

The Europe’s biggest conference focusing on Microsoft technologies is just behind the corner as European SharePoint Conference will be held on November 27–29 in Copenhagen. Often we get carried away of our work assignments and customer projects and forget to prepare in time for getting the most of these events. No worries! We prepared you a last-minute list to shift your thoughts to the beautiful town […]

Delivering success! Intranet adoption for 30 Peikko Group’s offices

intranet adoption

Happit Partner Cloudriven implemented Peikko Group’s new SharePoint Intranet. The aim for the new global intranet was to develop company’s internal collaboration and communications and to enhance corporate culture across over 30 country organizations. At the same time, Peikko Group wanted to ensure effective employee engagement and adoption of new intranet to reach their goals. […]

Everyone has a ‘why’. Why Happit partnership matters?

Happit partnership

According to Simon Sinek’s famous claim ‘People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’. Have you ever considered how your customers felt after new system implementation? What was their first reaction, were they stressed or relaxed? How much time did they spend to find themselves in a new reality? How many […]

Happit is the 2018 ESPC Award Finalist In Two Categories

Happit Award Finalist

European SharePoint Conference Community’s independent panel has announced Happit to be the award finalist in two categories at the European SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure Community Awards: Most Innovative SharePoint Solution  Best Office 365 Add-In ESPC is the leading SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure Event in Europe and the ESPC Community Awards are some of the most prestigious […]

Why User Adoption belongs to the Agenda of any CEO

User adoption of technology services is challenging. With the cloud services, this is becoming a critical success factor for all in the industry. Let’s face it, a half-way implemented solution does not bring the expected value to the customer, and due to low swapping cost, it is an instant risk for the technology provider. Together […]

#UserAdoption, it’s all about the VALUE

  Al Lee-Bourke has definitely seen it all when it comes to user adoption of digital services. He has seen the ups with Microsoft probably doing some of the largest user adoption cases in the world and downs as he has been fired from his CIO position after the implementation of new software failed – […]

Six Months of #HappiTravels for Better Digital Employee Experience

“One last question – are you really that good?”. “Yes, of course I am”, were designer Aki Vänni’s confident words as he convinced us with the new name for Happit. We were living late days of March. We were about to go live with the first version of our new brand story and expose it for public comments. The first step of this incredible journey had been taken.

Modern Workplace & SPS Stockholm 2018

Happit and Modern Workplace at SharePoint Saturday

The SharePoint Community will meet for SPS Stockholm on 1st of September 2018 at the World Trade Center, Stockholm. Join us at this free community event to learn the latest insights about modern features and services of Office 365 and how to boost user adoption in a modern way.

Happit Partner ConVista Strives for Digital Adoption

Happit Partner Network is growing with its new member Convista. ConVista is a leading global IT and business consulting firm. With Happit they will ensure modern user adoption and increasing value when implementing IT projects and business strategies for their clients.

Meet Happit Team at SPS NYC 2018

Happit is a Microsoft 2018 ISV Partner Solution of the Year in Finland. With contextual learning Happit is helping MS Partners to add more value for their customers through faster user adoption and engagement. Meet us at SharePoint Saturday New York on July 28 to find out what we have organized for you around the event.

Webinar replay: How to Get Started with Modern SharePoint

Modern SharePoint is, above all, a whole new user experience. In our webinar MVP Jussi Mori and the leading SharePoint consultant Marcel Haas will share the latest insights about what does Modern SharePoint mean, why would you use the modern sites and provide concrete tips and tricks on how you can easily increase the user adoption of your modern experience.

Partner Story: Happit is the dealmaker in 50% of Cloudriven deals

Cloudriven offers Happit for training end users to take full advantage out of the software they use. Trainings delivered via Happit are available in the software UI when and wherever a user needs help being the dealmaker for 50 % of the company’s new customers.

Tips for Ensuring the Best ECS Experience 2018

European Collaboration Summit 2018, the biggest conference in the spring focusing on Microsoft technologies is just behind the corner. We collected few tips to make your ECS experience the best possible. Check it out!

5 E-learning trends for staying competitive in digital world

Due to its proven effectiveness 77% of U.S. companies today offer online training for their employees to improve employee performance. But how to build effective e-learning programs, what is microlearning and how to meet the modern learning needs in your L&D strategy?

MTV is Rolling Out New CRM Deployment and Sales Processes with Happit

MTV Uses Happit for Dynamics 365 CRM Deployment

Putting new sales processes into practice meant extensive amount of employee training for MTV. Happit Single Click learning service was a vital part of the CRM deployment project because it was used to provide end users the CRM training within the CRM user interface making adoption of new sales processes much faster and more effective.

IZS Management Application – City Of Zurich

For the Social Departement in the City of Zurich we are using Happit to explain the so called “Masterform” where the user is able to enter and modify information about the different Social Services the City of Zurich is offering.

Implementing New Digital Signing Project – Energy Authority

Our public sector customer Energy Authority Finland implemented a new digital signing process to handle all signatures electronically to save time and administration costs. With the help of Happit Energy Authority was able to add on-screen manuals to introduce and train the new process for employees.

Nobody Wants To Feel Stupid – How To Improve Digital Adoption?

Do you know the feeling when someone is all exited and shares you a great idea? They explain how a new process or a digital service will change the future of your workplace. However, you are struggling to understand what they mean. The well-reasoned message from an authority makes you doubt your own abilities and makes you feel a little stupid.

Digital Transformation – Is Your Strategy Missing The Key Element?

Those days when workplace was just a physical place where employees turned in regular office hours are far gone. As the workplace becomes truly digital, employees are required fast adoption of new tools and ways of working. But how do employees fit to your digital strategy?