#ValoLove – Happit at Valo Summit in Amsterdam

Happit at Valo Summit in Amsterdam

Happit at Valo Summit in Amsterdam. One hot topic in all of our conversations, was the matter of “Why”. Why an intranet or any other solution, will be adopted by the users? The answer to this hot topic of “Why” is on “How”. How Happit helps people to really find out how they can be more efficient; and how the new software can make their workday much easier and more productive.

Introducing Ready-Made Content Packs for Office365 by Wistec

Wistec and Happit Collaboration

Office 365 ready-made content packs by Wistec on Happit. We are happy to announce to all #HappitFamily members, customers, and partners, that now they can take advantage of Wistec’s high-quality Office365 training practices. Wistec is a company, with a long track record of providing high-quality training in person; as well as in digital format. Now, Wistec Online content is integrated into Happit experience as Content Pack and it is […]

Delivering success! Intranet adoption for 30 Peikko Group’s offices

intranet adoption

Happit Partner Cloudriven implemented Peikko Group’s new SharePoint Intranet. The aim for the new global intranet was to develop company’s internal collaboration and communications and to enhance corporate culture across over 30 country organizations. At the same time, Peikko Group wanted to ensure effective employee engagement and adoption of new intranet to reach their goals. […]

Happit Partner ConVista Strives for Digital Adoption

Happit Partner Network is growing with its new member Convista. ConVista is a leading global IT and business consulting firm. With Happit they will ensure modern user adoption and increasing value when implementing IT projects and business strategies for their clients.

Partner Story: Happit is the dealmaker in 50% of Cloudriven deals

Cloudriven offers Happit for training end users to take full advantage out of the software they use. Trainings delivered via Happit are available in the software UI when and wherever a user needs help being the dealmaker for 50 % of the company’s new customers.

MTV is Rolling Out New CRM Deployment and Sales Processes with Happit

MTV Uses Happit for Dynamics 365 CRM Deployment

Putting new sales processes into practice meant extensive amount of employee training for MTV. Happit Single Click learning service was a vital part of the CRM deployment project because it was used to provide end users the CRM training within the CRM user interface making adoption of new sales processes much faster and more effective.

IZS Management Application – City Of Zurich

For the Social Departement in the City of Zurich we are using Happit to explain the so called “Masterform” where the user is able to enter and modify information about the different Social Services the City of Zurich is offering.

Implementing New Digital Signing Project – Energy Authority

Our public sector customer Energy Authority Finland implemented a new digital signing process to handle all signatures electronically to save time and administration costs. With the help of Happit Energy Authority was able to add on-screen manuals to introduce and train the new process for employees.