What is Happit´s employee training software?

Happit employee training software makes learning easier, by teaching employees how to use any new software in easy click-by-click tutorials.

Why should you consider Happit?

Never experience work interruption again. Happit is a digital-training solution which provides learning content in real-time to the end user. Finally there is a tool to help users learn new ways of working, new applications and processes, while being productive at the same time.

Happite employee training software

How does Happit employee training software works for you?

Happit employee training software digital workspace

Happit employee training software is your own personal training assistant in the organization that enables employees to learn in their own rhythm, without decreasing their productivity.

It is the most intuitive and easy to use training tool/method. Training can be delivered to anyone in the organization instantly, no matter if they are working from home, or at an office branch in a different city or country. 

Happit employee training software features.

  • Coll-outs on top of business applications with learning content.
  • Click-by-click tutorials for specific tasks or processes.
  • Easy content generation and/or recycling of content for training (Admin)
  • Capability to include/embed reach media content.
  • Instruction search, automatic translations, statistics
  • Fast and economic scale-up from one team to the whole organization
Happit employee training software in practice

Benefits of using Happitemployee training software.

Happit Business Benefits

EASILY train people instantly in their own user interface, without daily work disruptions at their own rhythm.

FASTER return of investment on application or roll-out process.

SAVINGS on classroom hours spent training people.

COST SAVING & TIME SAVINGS in support services, by having users ask questions through their own User Interface while using the application.

Provide ANONYMOUS DATA on how users are using the application, in order to know what topics are more relevant to plan for trainings.

What can you do with Happit in your organization?

Here are some common user cases from current Happit customers:

  • User support with rollout of SharePoint Online modern intranets
  • User adoption for document management application in SharePoint online
  • Rollout of new business processes with form entries
  • User support in rollout of new Social Intranet
  • Reducing support tickets
Happit employee training software

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