All Hands on Deck, Behind the scenes of Happit development April

Behind the Scene of Happit Development Team

Previously we asked Lead Happit Developer Nicklas Engblom what he does in Happit? Nicklas was able to paint a holistic view of what being a lead developer is all about; but that also made us wander about the specific development tasks. So, what lies behind the Scene of Happit Development Team?   So, What has […]

Personal Software Trainer as a business

Personal software training

The benefits of personal training in training of software   In the fitness world personal trainers have become a striving business within the past ten years. A personal trainer is someone who whips you into shape with one-on-one coaching. He or she might stay by your side while you use machines at the gym or […]

Behind the scenes of Happit development

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What do you actually do at Happit? – Niklas Engblom, Lead Happit Developer This is a question I get quite often and there’s a somewhat lengthy answer for it. I’ve always tried to answer these inquiries as accurately as I can, but there’s a high chance to forget some things. Frankly, I had to really […]