How does the Happit user adoption journey works?

Employee training and user adoption are a journey. Like in every journey people/employees need to go through different stages.

Happit´s user adoption journey is based on these 4 stages.

Happit User Adoption Stages
Happit user adoption UI

User Adoption Journey Stage 1: Discovery

This stage is all about the user discovering the VALUE of the new application or process as fast as possible. Happit helps the user through in-context learning content to never be stuck when working with a new tool or process. Service or application owners can make sure through the help of Introduction Sequences to highlight the most important use cases or features from the very start. Users don’t need to look for the learning content themselves and like this there is no interruption of work happening at all.

Stage 2: Onboarding

In the onboarding stage the end-user learns how to use the new application or process. It is the classical learning phase. Happit makes sure, that the user ALWAYS has the needed learning content at hand and does not need to spend time looking for where to find learning content. Furthermore, Happit helps the user by learning by doing. No need to read heavy manuals. Rather guide the user through processes within the application on a daily basis.

Stage 3: Productivity

The productivity stage of user adoption is all about routine and cultivating routine. Furthermore it also is about uninterrupted work once more. Because Happit is so easy to use, end users themselves can create Happit content. Also Happit supports the users while creating Happit content with automatic text translations and multiple uses of Happit content throughout your application. Additionally you can search for Happit content and re-experience learning content over and over again.

User Adoption Journey Stage 4: Mastery

The mastery stage is all about community. Happit allows users to request help to a certain feature through Happits contextual framework. Happit “Masters” can respond to the user request by creating Happit content and publish them for everybody to read. Like this Happit cultivates a self-organized and de-centralized learning environment.

In practice, what can Happit do for you?

Here are some common user cases from current Happit customers:

  • User support with rollout of SharePoint Online modern intranets
  • User adoption for document management application in SharePoint online
  • Rollout of new business processes with form entries
  • User support in rollout of new Social Intranet
  • Reducing support tickets
Happit employee training software

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